Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening rectifies discolouration, leaving you with a whiter smile, free from stains. Discolouration is a natural occurrence and happens to everyone, but with a procedure as simple as teeth whitening, no-one has to stay with a smile that remains that way for long.

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About The Procedure

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular procedures in cosmetic dentistry. It’s timely, taking on average 30-90 minutes, painless, and risk-free. For such a simple procedure, the effects it can have on a smile are dramatic.

A variety of different things can cause teeth to become stained, ranging from the preventable to the unavoidable. Lacking dental hygiene, food, drinks, and tobacco are some of the most common causes of discolouration.

However, discolouration also occurs naturally, irregardless of those factors. It is something that happens to everyone over time, even with consistent, pristine dental hygiene. Other lesser known causes, such as medication and dental trauma, can also contribute to teeth losing their shine.

Discolouration is not always indicative of a lack of care. In fact, teeth whitening is a procedure necessary for anyone looking to maintain a bright smile for the rest of their life.


Depending on personal preference and circumstance, there are a number of different ways our staff can help you achieve whiter teeth. Professional teeth whitening procedures come in two varieties: vital, and non-vital.

Vital teeth whitening is the most common method to whiten teeth within a professional setting. Vital teeth whitening uses a gel that is applied directly to the teeth. The active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide, then breaks down any complex molecules. This is because complex molecules are more likely to reflect light, and therefore leave your teeth appearing discoloured. Once removed, they should return to their natural, white state. An additional light or laser may be used to activate the gel. Professional teeth whitening can take anywhere from 1 to 3 appointments, depending on the level of discolouration, and sometimes you will also be required to perform additional treatments at home.

The second approach, non-vital teeth whitening, is performed on teeth that have undergone root-canal treatment. In these teeth, the stain is internally based, and therefore will be unreceptive to vital teeth whitening. To combat this, the dentist will apply a teeth whitening agent to the inside of your tooth. It will then be left for a few days to a week. Again, depending on the level of discolouration, the procedure may involve one or multiple appointments to achieve the desired state.

To whiten teeth having undergone root-canal treatment, professional teeth whitening will be the only option that will work. But for vital treatment, what are the advantages of visiting a dentist over doing it at home?

The potential problem with performing the teeth whitening procedure at home is that the level of hydrogen peroxide in gels available over the counter is limited. This can cause the whitening process to not quite reach the levels you desire. A dentist, however, can use stronger and more effective treatments that don’t fall under the same restrictions. Many opt for professional teeth whitening in Melbourne, as while over the counter treatments do have their place, to achieve a brighter smile, it’s necessary to have the procedure performed by a dentist. That way, you can reach the level of whiteness you desire, not the level dictated by over the counter restrictions.

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Please note that pregnant patients are not advised to undergo a teeth whitening cosmetic procedure. It is recommended that those pregnant wait until after pregnancy to proceed.

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