Teeth Extractions

For some people, the size of their jaw and placement of wisdom teeth will save them from having to undergo the procedure to remove wisdom teeth. However, for a large number of us, wisdom teeth removal is an essential and highly beneficial procedure. Wisdom teeth, which tend to emerge in late adolescence, often cause a host of issues such as extreme pain and pressure. This is due to the fact that in adulthood, the jaw is often fully developed and therefore there is no room for the four extra teeth.

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When to Remove Wisdom Teeth

Your dentist will generally be able to determine whether or not this procedure is necessary for your situation through a variety of x-rays and other observations. Should your dental health professional determine that the procedure is necessary, it should not be cause for any concern. Wisdom teeth removal is extremely common, and while it may come with some discomfort, modern techniques and equipment alongside comprehensive home care all make the experience relatively tolerable.

Wisdom teeth removal Melbourne

Wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne will involve a number of important steps. Firstly, a dentist will have assessed or will assess the current state of your wisdom teeth. In particular, they will be looking at the alignment and spacing to ensure that they have room to emerge. Wisdom teeth may also be removed if they become infected. Once the need for the procedure has been established, an appointment can be made for the actual extraction of the teeth. This will either be done by your dentist or an oral surgeon. The procedure is often performed under a general anaesthetic, rendering the patient unconscious for the entire time. After the procedure, your dentist will take you through the necessary steps for proper home care.

Do you have to remove impacted wisdom teeth?

Impacted wisdom teeth are wisdom teeth that are blocked from emerging by other teeth. In the vast majority of cases, this is adequate cause for removal. This is due to the fact that impacted wisdom teeth can lead to a host of other problems. The most prominent side effect of an impacted wisdom tooth is a higher risk of infection. While this can be treated with antibiotics and will be before any procedure should infection occur, the risk of re-infection is high enough that getting your wisdom teeth removed is the best option.

Infection is not the only effect of impacted wisdom teeth. An impacted wisdom tooth can often fall victim to periodontitis leaving the patient with chronic bad breath. Other notable impacts are swelling and, of course, pain at varying levels of severity. All of these side effects can be avoided by electing to have your wisdom teeth removed. The procedure is safe, extremely common, and a patient’s dental health should not be left to suffer due to fears of a highly uncomfortable experience. In fact, having your wisdom teeth taken out leaves a patient more comfortable, healthy and well of in the long run.

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