Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment in Melbourne can be a daunting prospect for many patients. But it shouldn’t be. The procedure is performed on millions of patients each year, and despite common assumptions is actually relatively pain-free and will actually prevent severe discomfort further down the track. There are a variety of advantages in electing to undergo a root canal procedure, the most prominent of which is saving the natural tooth. This will save you from having to pursue dentures as is the case if the tooth is left to deteriorates beyond repair. Root canal treatment in Melbourne is accessible, common, and most of all beneficial to the future of your dental health.

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Root canal procedure

Root canal treatment is needed when the soft tissue inside a tooth (otherwise known as the pulp) becomes inflamed or infected. As a fully mature tooth no longer needs the pulp, it can be removed (and with it, the relevant pain and discomfort it causes). The treatment may also involve the removal of any abscesses at the base of the tooth should they exist. Depending on the severity of your condition, the procedure generally takes one to two appointments. It will involve the removal of the pulp, and then the placement of a crown or filling. Many private health funds cover the cost of a root canal treatment.

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Root Canal Treatment

In most cases, the entire experience will be a relatively comfortable one, and patients should not be put off by the common, yet false perceptions of root canal treatment as a highly invasive, highly painful procedure. With modern equipment and techniques, that simply isn’t true.

A normal appointment for the treatment of root canal will begin with the removal of any decay or infection around the respective tooth. Following this, our dentists will then commence the modification of the canals into smooth, hollow tunnels. This is to ensure all bacteria is eliminated from these passages. Disinfectants and medication will generally be employed to assist with this. The next step is to re-fill the tunnels but this time with an enduring barrier agent. Finally, the dentist will ensure the tooth returns to maximum functionality by assessing the structural integrity of the tooth and making a professional decision as to whether or not a crown or some other protective agent is needed. This is quite common and is necessary to ensure the completed procedure, and the new healthy tooth remains functional for as long as possible.

What is the cause of a root canal?

A root canal can be caused by a variety of things and isn’t necessarily evidence of neglect. Something as simple as repeated dental procedures on the tooth can lead to infection of the pulp. Other causes are faulty crowns and fillings as well as a tooth becoming chipped. Of course, deep decay also contributes to root canal which only emphasises the importance of good dental hygiene. However, root canal isn’t the end of the world and whatever the cause, it can be easily fixed.

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