A prosthodontist is a dental specialist who has received extra training in reconstructive dentistry and tooth restoration. They are used especially in those cases where a more complex treatment plan is required. This is because their focus, on the replacement and restoration of teeth, is most often needed after a traumatic injury or accident. In order to attain the title of prosthodontist in Australia, a dentist is required to complete a Masters degree in this speciality in addition to their initial studies. The extensive nature of these studies means that under the care of a prosthodontist, patients can rest assured knowing their dental health lies in safe hands. Part of this training also involves teaching those within the speciality to liaise with other specialists, which is why they will often be used in a coordinative capacity when more complex treatment is required.

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Prosthodontics procedure

Prosthodontists are trained in a number of procedures all relating, in one way or another, to reconstructive dentistry. These, however, can be separated into three main areas of practice, the replacement of lost teeth, complex treatment plans and those procedures that are purely cosmetic. The replacement of lost teeth is the most common procedure for a prosthodontic dentist. This is because lost teeth affect the vast majority of the population. Ageing, decay and many other factors all contribute to an individual losing their natural teeth in the course of their lifetimes. A prosthodontist will be able to talk you through the many options modern dentistry provides to rectify, for both cosmetic and health reasons, missing teeth.

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Dentures, crowns and bridges are just some of your many options. Choosing the services of a prosthodontist will ensure you are receiving advice from someone specifically qualified to offer it. The same goes for complex treatment plans.

Complex treatment plans may be required following a serious accident or traumatic event, where multiple specialists are needed for treatment. In this case, a prosthodontist will be the one to organise and delegate such specialists as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. In essence, they will be focusing on the overall picture and how each procedure comes together to bring the patient back to full health. Prosthodontists also specialise in purely cosmetic procedures. Broken and misshapen teeth, as well as teeth discolouration, are all aspects of dentistry a prosthodontist can offer advice, and provide solutions for.

What does a prosthodontist specialise in?

As explored above, our prosthodontists specialise in a variety of areas that all fall under restorative dentistry. In Australia, the extra training a prosthodontist receives can be summed up under a number of different facets of this type of dentistry. As mentioned earlier, prosthodontists are most known for expertise in reconstructive dentistry and the implementation and restoration of teeth. Their studies also cover specialisation in full and partial prosthetics, muscle disorders, hypersensitivities, cosmetic procedures, trauma and developmental disorders. A prosthodontist is trained in a number of specialities allowing them to provide certain services to a higher standard as well as covering a broader scope than a traditional dentist.

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