Paediatric Dentist

Paediatric dentists, often known as a kids dentist or children’s dentist, are specialised in providing dentistry for children. This can be of immense benefit should a child be afraid, uncooperative, or have extra needs that require consideration outside the scope of general dentistry. A paediatric dentist will have received extensive extra training to ensure that they are the most qualified, and knowledgeable, to work with this demographic.

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Who is a paediatric dentist?

A paediatric dentist specialises in infants, children and adolescents. They will also often see to those with special needs. As a specialist qualification, paediatric dentistry requires 3 additional years of training. This provides them with the skills necessary for the treatment and management of children and those with behavioural and developmental disabilities. Through a range of skills and techniques garnered from their studies, a paediatric dentist will be capable of working with those younger patients for whom general dentistry does not work. This will ensure that even if your child does not cooperate well with dental appointments, that they still receive the care they need and maintain a high standard of dental health.

Dentist vs. Paediatric Dentist?

Should a child require more complex dental treatment or have a guardian who would merely like them under the care of a professional trained to work specifically with kids, a paediatric dentist is generally the best option. Additionally, children suffering from medical or genetic conditions, those with prior dental conditions, and infants are all commonly treated by paediatric dentists. In some cases, a paediatric dentist will be necessary, as treatment under the normal scope of dentistry just isn’t possible. However, in others, it may just be a personal choice due to the fact that paediatric dentists work in a child-friendly environment.

The dentist office can be a scary place for many kids. It’s not designed specifically for children, their needs, and their apprehensions and fears when it comes to dental treatments. Paediatric dentists, on the other hand, will almost always be working in a child-friendly environment. This means that all of these factors will have been taken into consideration beforehand. For parents, this can take a massive weight off their shoulders, and if you’re one of them, a paediatric dentist is never a bad option for a child and will almost certainly provide them with a better overall experience.

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