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The prospect of oral surgery is daunting for many patients much the same as any surgical procedure would be. However, in most cases, oral surgery is a treatment option that is both safe and necessary for a wide range of conditions. While patients who receive oral surgery may have their initial consultations with a general dentist at their local clinic, the surgery itself will most likely be performed by someone with dual registration in both the field of dentistry and as a medical practitioner.

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Oral Surgery and Your Comfort

As is the case with other surgeries, a general anaesthetic will generally be administered to render the patient unconscious throughout the duration of the procedure. This is just one of the ways that discomfort, while dependent on the type of operation performed, will be kept from exceeding tolerable, manageable levels. While oral surgery may sound disconcerting, in reality, there are many strategies in place to ensure minimal distress on the patient’s end.

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Whether it’s surgically realigning the jaw or simply removing wisdom teeth, similarities exist across all oral surgeries. Regardless of the procedure, oral surgery is in most cases used only as a last resort. Due to this, an oral surgeon will be correcting only those aspects for which non-invasive treatments are proven, or are likely to prove ineffective or in some cases non-existent.

If a patient does find themselves at odds with a proposed treatment, a dentist or oral surgeon is equipped to discuss with them a number of things which will hopefully leave the patient feeling at ease. Firstly, due to the specialised nature of oral surgery, your oral surgeon will be able to tell you the exact purpose of the operation, what it will achieve, and any risk factors involved. It is important that a patient raises any concerns they have with their dentist or surgeon to ensure any decision made is centred around the advice received from dental health professionals.

When do you need surgery?

Oral surgery is generally the last line of treatment and a patient may not be recommended surgery until other avenues are exhausted. However, there are a number of conditions for which oral surgery is necessary, most notably, in the removal of wisdom teeth. Some forms of tooth loss, unequal jaw growth and infections may also require surgical intervention. In these cases, your dentist or doctor will recommend when surgery is necessary and can explain to you why this is the best course of action.

This is yet another reason why it’s important to schedule regular check-ups and to see a dentist upon discovering abnormalities or experiencing discomfort around the jaw or mouth. Should a patient require surgical intervention due to these symptoms, or some other underlying condition, a dentist will be able to inform them without the problem progressing any further. Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell whether or not someone needs surgery without the opinion of a dental health professional. Oral surgery in Melbourne is a common occurrence, and should it be required, patients should feel assured they’re in safe hands.

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