Sports are an essential past time for many Australians filling their Saturdays and afternoons. While hopefully accidents and injuries are something you’ll personally be able to avoid, they do happen. This is why there are a number of protocols and measures in place to make sure if something does happen, the effects are minimised as much as possible. Amongst these measures is the use of a mouthguard, which serves to protect the jaw and teeth. Considering the fragility of this area, and the possible repercussions if left unprotected, the mouthguard should be considered essential for any contact sport or activity where the teeth or jaw is at risk. Mouthguards also may be required for medical reasons unrelated to sport such as the grinding of teeth at night. Once a mouthguard has been deemed necessary, there are a number of options to choose from each with their respective pros and cons.

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Mouthguard Types

The cheapest and most common form of mouthguards in Melbourne is the store bought boil and bite kind. These are made from plastic and require the user to boil, and then mould them to their teeth. This process isn’t always entirely effective, and you may find you need a few attempts before the mouthguard is properly shaped. The issue with boil and bite mouthguards is that the effectiveness of the moulding process has a limited accuracy and will never fit as well as a custom mould.

Many people also find that the levels of discomfort associated with this inaccuracy make it highly difficult to use as a night guard. A professional mouthguard from your dentist, while more expensive, will be more efficient, more comfortable and provide a far higher level of safety than a store-bought mouthguard ever could.

Custom Mouthguards

For chronic teeth grinding at night or for those who want the maximum protection possible for their teeth in potentially damaging activities, custom mouthguards are the best option. To create the mouthguard your dentist will take a mould of your teeth in order to create a mouthguard fit to your exact specifications.

Due to the fact that the mouthguard will be custom made, all issues arising from the boil and bite variety are avoided. On top of this, it will feel far less imposing and more secure leaving you more comfortable overall. Safety is the other prominent factor that makes custom mouthguards the viable, and arguably essential choice for those not willing to take the risks involved in buying the store-bought kind. Boil-and-bite mouth guards, while effective in some cases, have been found in others to actually cause harm rather than provide protection. All of these safety issues are overcome, however, when the mouthguard is more accurately fit. This is something that is only the case with a custom mouthguard.

What is a mouthguard made of?

Both boil and bite and custom mouthguards are made from EVA. EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) is an elastomeric polymer that is similar to rubber. It is notable partially for its malleable properties when exposed to high temperatures. This is what allows boil and bite mouthguards to be moulded onto a consumers teeth after exposure to boiling water.

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