Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are a great option for those who would prefer a whiter, straighter smile without the need for braces or whitening. Read on to find out about the benefits.   The Benefits of Dental Veneers Yearning for a Hollywood smile? If you have ever looked at a celebrity and wondered why their whitening toothpaste [...]

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What Is Laser Teeth Bleaching?

It is a dream for every man and woman and at any age to flaunt a shiny smile and impress others. Not only can the right smile attract people, but can help to contribute to higher levels of confidence when dealing with others. Unfortunately, not many people can claim to have a pearly white smile, [...]

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5 Types Of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

There are so many industry-specific words and phrases that patients are exposed to when they speak to a cosmetic dentist that it’s natural for them to have questions. ‘What is teeth bonding?’ ‘What is a composite bonding procedure and how is it different from other dental bonding?’ ‘Is an inlay right for me?’ While cosmetic [...]

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The Relationship Between Diabetes Mellitus and Tooth Loss

The Relationship Between Diabetes Mellitus and Tooth Loss Diabetes mellitus is a non-communicable, chronic and systematic disease that affects people across the globe. Diabetic patients can be exposed to a number of medical complications such as eye-damage, cardiovascular disease, skin disease, neuropathy and periodontal disease. The process by which periodontal disease takes place is very [...]

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