Dental Oral Exam

A routine dental oral exam is the most common dental procedure. It is recommended that everyone receives a dental oral exam 1 to 4 times a year depending on current oral health and susceptibility to cavities. These appointments will allow your dentist to identify possible complications you may not have been aware of and rectify them before they progress any further. A dental oral exam should not last longer than an hour. Within this time your dentist will perform a number of actions relating to your general dental health.

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Dental Health

One of the most prominent functions of the dental oral exam is the evaluation of overall dental health. This includes an evaluation of the teeth and at-risk areas, a general clean to remove stains and deposits, ensuring there are no complications with the jaw or bite, and the application of fluoride if deemed necessary. They can also offer advice for any concerns you may have about oral health. Despite common perception, advances in technology and strategies to minimise discomfort have made dental oral exams highly tolerable. It is an essential procedure which could save you time and money by getting on top of a potential complication in its initial stages.

Dental OPG

A dental OPG is an X-ray that provides a panoramic view of the lower face. Due to its scope, a dental OPG displays all teeth in both the upper and lower sections of the jaw. This can be useful when building an overall picture of the structure of the jaw and teeth. A dental OPG may be requested to determine the necessity of wisdom teeth removal, in the preparatory stages of an orthodontic procedure, or to aid in the construction of a general overview of a patient’s dental health.

A Dental OPG is conducted much like any other X-ray. It is a painless and efficient procedure that shouldn’t take longer than 20 minutes. From there, your dentist will have a far better understanding from which to determine the best course of treatment should it be required.

Dental X-Ray

Dental X-Rays serve as both diagnostic tools and also as preventative measures, often picking up otherwise hidden problems. There are a number of conditions that dental x-rays often pick up. Abscesses and cysts, bone loss, tumours, teeth decay and developmental abnormalities are all issues that a dental x-ray cab detect whilst still in their early stages. The two main types of x-rays given in a dental capacity are either a full series or bite-wing x-rays. A full series of x-rays should be undertaken every 3 to 4 years while bite-wing x-rays are far more common being performed at each check-up once or twice a year.

Dental X-rays are a common dental procedure with a range of benefits for the patient. They’re safe, timely, and extremely common with radiation levels no higher than those experienced naturally on any given day. If they do detect a problem, it will be at a far earlier stage than if left to become prominent on its own saving you the money and time involved in rectifying them at this stage.

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