Dental Filling

Teeth are regularly damaged by decay due to a number of reasons, and most people will need a filling at some point in their life. The cavity may have formed from the food you’re eating, medication, or improper dental hygiene. All of these factors can cause and exacerbate decay. Fortunately, dental fillings are a simple procedure to rectify this common problem. Dental fillings are a way to repair the damage inflicted through decay, restoring your teeth to their prime condition. It is important that these spaces are closed as soon as they are discovered, as they are prone to the build-up of bacteria, which, given enough time, could lead to further damage.

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Many people are apprehensive about the procedure involved in getting a filling. This can be because people may have had, or have heard, about a painful filling experience in the past. However, everyone should know that when done correctly, the procedure is safe, simple, timely and relatively pain free. The procedure takes roughly 15 minutes and is completed in a number of steps.

Firstly, the dentist will remove any decay that is present to prepare the area for the filling. A routine clean will also be performed. For the removal of decay, anaesthetic may be applied, depending on the severity of the cavity. This will numb the area before any work is done.

Once the area is ready, the dentist will apply the desired filling to the cavity. After the procedure, depending on the filling type and whether or not anaesthetic was used, you may not be able to eat for some hours. However, apart from this, no ongoing maintenance will be required.


Composite fillings are one of two tooth coloured fillings utilised in cavities by a dentist. Made up of a mixture of plastic and glass, composite fillings are used for cavities and defects found in smaller areas. As they bond to the teeth, composite fillings are less likely to break.

Composite fillings are one of the most aesthetically pleasing fillings available, as the dentist will match its colour to that of your teeth. The one downside to these fillings is that in rare cases, they can cause heightened sensitivity, but as this is a minor complication, those looking to get the procedure should not worry.


Like composite fillings, porcelain fillings are popular due to the fact that their colours can be matched to that of your teeth. Unlike metal fillings, both porcelain and composite fillings are almost entirely innocuous. On top of this, porcelain fillings do not carry the detriments of metal fillings.

As porcelain fillings only require a small amount of the tooth to be removed, the procedure is also far less prone to pain. Porcelain fillings have also demonstrated superiority in their sturdiness and long-term reliability, making them a popular alternative to metal fillings.

Dental fillings are a common procedure in Melbourne, however, many don’t know that white fillings are the superior option. The extra expense they may occur is more than worth it when the benefits of white fillings are adequately assessed.

If you require long-lasting and reliable dental fillings, then call us today to see how we can help restore your teeth to their best condition, and discuss filling options with you further.

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