While daily brushing and cleaning can achieve a lot, there are some things you need to see a professional for. Various dental pain and troubles can strike people with even the most rigorous cleaning regime, so to ensure that you’re maintaining your oral health, it’s important that you have your teeth regularly checked. It’s recommended that most people get a dental check-up every six months, but the dentist may recommend more frequent or fewer visits, depending on your personal dental health history.

According to recent research, there are numerous and strong links between oral health and overall health. While in many cases, the nature of this link still isn’t clear and researchers have yet to conclude whether the connections are causal or correlative, what is certain is that the condition of the mouth is closely tied to your overall physical health. Taking care of your teeth gives you more than just a nice smile and pleasant breath, but could help you avoid health problems in the future.

What can a family dentist do for me?

According to many patients, working with a dental professional helped them to become more aware of simple dental conditions that could become larger problems in the future. While many people say that their first visit to the clinic was a nervous experience, a professional dentist or orthodontics specialist will understand this and go to great lengths to make visits as pleasant as possible.

Both the dental hygienist and dentist examines the teeth, gums, and mouth, to look for changes or problems such as cavities, gum disease or early signs of oral cancer. During the examination, the dentist may also use a special probe to measure the gaps between the teeth and gums, an explorer tool to poke at the teeth and determine if any cavities are present, and a mouth mirror to get a better view of the sides and back of the teeth. If the dentist finds any visible problems they may recommend immediate action by prescribing medicines or undertaking further treatments.

Having a regular check-up provides various benefits, helping to enhance your oral health and protect you from disease and trauma. Make seeing your family dentist or orthodontics specialist your first priority.